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Keep Your Menu Current- Tweak Your Menu First Three Tactics to Win Over your Customers

New menu items are essential to customer satisfaction. An NPD Group study found that 70 percent of full service diners are seeking greater menu variety. There are 10 Tactic to win over your customers and encourage them to try new menu items.

  1. Make unfamiliar items approachable. When the Little Greek Restaurant chain opened in Florida, diners didn’t connect with unfamiliar dishes. To help them out, the restaurant retooled its menu, adding “Greek Lasagna” to explain the baked eggplant dish moussaka and “Chicken Skewers” to explain souvlaki, recalls menu analyst and trends expert Nancy Kruse. Consider a similar approach with new global menu choices.
  2. Try “flavor synergy.” Help your customers identify with the unfamiliar by using a marriage, or synergy, of flavors. Start small with condiments such as spicy sriracha ketchup or curry mustard sauce. “Your customers like to experiment, but they like to experiment with boundaries,” says Kruse. Other familiar fries and wings with creative dipping sauces or create new sauces for sandwiches.
  3. Use sweetness as a bridge. “If you want to tempt the typical American diner to try something new, make it sweet,” advises Kruse. Try mixing savory and sweet, such as sweet chili coleslaw. Or pair grilled kebobs with a selection of barbecue sauces mixing sweet with heat and sweet with smoky.

Next week, look for number 4-6 Tactics to Win over your Customers.


*Taken from entegra Menus on Trend Brochure

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