Specialty Cigars International Inc.

Since 1995, we have serviced all 50 states with cigars, humidors, and tobacco mix licensing and reporting where applicable. We are the experts in creating a cigar revenue source for your facility and have placed several thousand humidors into golf courses, restaurants, resorts and casinos.

Our Cigar Service Program includes:

  • Custom-Designed Humidors in 5 sizes, at no charge to monthly service customers
  • A Large selection of Premium Cigars and Accessories in all price ranges
  • Tobacco Tax Licensing, Collection and Reporting in accordance with individual state laws
  • Tournament Packets and Private Labels
  • Experienced and knowledgeable staff

Any questions on products or program please email or call:
Jack Dillon, jdillon@intlclubsuppliers.com, 407-973-6136 or
Sherry Colleary, scolleary@intlclubsuppliers.com, 813-994-4680 ext. 225

109 NW Greenwood Ave. Suite 109 Bend, OR 97703
Jim Milliman
Premium Cigars, Cigar Accessories, Cigar Tax Advice