Sport Haley

In 1986 a small women’s specific golf clothing company was founded under the name of Sundaze. Operations were based in Denver, Colorado. Growth was consistent over the first few years and in 1992 the small women’s golf clothing company added a golf menswear line called Haley. At the same time the company’s corporate name was then changed to Sport Haley, Inc.

Today Sport Haley fashion golf apparel and outerwear is marketed in the premium and mid-price golf markets through a network of independent sales representatives and distributors to golf professional shops at country clubs and resorts throughout the U.S. and internationally. The company also markets Sport Haley golf and fashion apparel to corporate, college, university and other markets.

Design Philosophy – Sport Haley

Our Sport Haley collection is a true reflection of our customer. They both continue to redefine themselves. The Sport Haley woman wants to look modern without looking trendy and our collection continues to evolve with a fresh new focus.

Our strength has always been value, excellent quality and elegance at a great price point. Our sporty silhouettes are feminine and flattering. The styling is active-wear inspired, form fitting yet body conscious, contemporary, comfortable and self-assured.

Sport Haley’s designs make sense to the modern woman. It is a smart buy, the pieces can be tied back to her wardrobe, she can mix and match and care for it easily. More women are investing in their clothes and we want them to work for her.

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