Over the past 15 years, International Club Suppliers has added great value and service to their clients in the areas of Food & Beverage as well as Supplies, Equipment and Services to your facility.  Now ICS is adding more value and real savings, this time for your retail golf shop. The Marketplace will be a better way for the clients to access brands and savings not only for the golf shop shelves, but for tournaments, staff uniforms, as well as savings in other areas of the operation, for example, Par Aide, Standard, Easy Picker, Global Turf Pre-Owned equipment and much more!

The Smart Buy Marketplace offers great brands and deep savings with also offer real time support/consulting where you need it! By offering both a well-rounded menu and advice ICS clients can be confident that ICS can provide the same level of service for the golf shop, as it has always done in the restaurant and clubhouse.  The Smart Buy Marketplace, creating a better way to grow sales and margins each and every day.